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🦀Rust学習日記:続・開発環境構築 - Day4

rust-analyzer(rust-lang.rust-analyzer) の導入

GitHub レポジトリは↓

VS Codeにインストール

VS Code を利用しているので拡張機能を検索して導入した。


code --install-extension rust-lang.rust-analyzer


// cf. Command line extension management

code --extensions-dir <dir>
    Set the root path for extensions.
code --list-extensions
    List the installed extensions.
code --show-versions
    Show versions of installed extensions, when using --list-extension.
code --install-extension (<extension-id> | <extension-vsix-path>)
    Installs an extension.
code --uninstall-extension (<extension-id> | <extension-vsix-path>)
    Uninstalls an extension.
code --enable-proposed-api (<extension-id>)
    Enables proposed API features for extensions. Can receive one or more extension IDs to enable individually.


$ sudo apt install lldb


cargo-edit の導入

Ensure that you have a fairly recent version of rust/cargo installed. On Ubuntu you would also need to install libssl-dev and pkg-config packages.


一応、sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade もした。

$ sudo apt install -y libssl-dev pkg-config


$ cargo install cargo-edit